Our mission is to design and create mirrors, frames, and other home furnishings to stay in line with the evolving style of the modern home. We believe style and quality must go hand in hand to ensure the restoration of balance in American creativity and manufacturing.

Our customers work very hard for themselves and their loved ones and we are honored when they choose to buy our products. We show our appreciation in the detail and care we put into every purchase. All products are made to order and most importantly made to last.

The two of us design, create, and produce every item in our store. We give every piece the same amount of love and intensity as the next. Our custom orders are designed to match our clients' needs to the most exact specifications as possible.

We work side by side creating, building, perfecting, and eventually shipping our work all across the country. We stay driven by a need for creativity and independence. We believe goods made with pride is our contribution to a recreation of the handmade American community.